Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Friendship Star, Part 2

I finished the Friendship Star quilt just before Christmas, but not in time to mail it out for its intended recipient.  I think the fabrics and the pattern worked well together and the Two Spool did a brilliant job in piecing the quilt.  Every time I use it, I grow ever more impressed with its smooth operation and perfect stitch.
I decided to Free-motion meander the paisley sections - any type of pattern would have been lost in the fabrics design. I did the FMQing with my Singer 15-91; I have the most experience with and am most comfortable with that machine. I added feathers to the white blocks - these were my first ever feathers, and after practicing for days on scraps, I decided to take the plunge.
I also meandered the red triangles with red thread; the white looked obnoxious and distracted from the the block.  In the end, once the quilt was finished and washed, the quilting itself faded into the background and without close inspection, the designs are 'lost'.

Oh well, it was fun to make and a good learning lesson and practice for the feathers.  Now to ship it off to its new owner.

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