Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Smiling from Ear to Ear

Last week I received a phone call from one of the many places I had submitted my resume. After a 30 minute phone interview in the middle of Bed, Bath & Beyond, I impressed the hiring manager enough to land the in-person interview. Woo Hoo! I was so excited, I almost forgot why I was in BB&B - I needed a new iron as my old one decided to spew forth gobs of rust and muck! Luckily I was using a pressing cloth at the time. With my 20% Off coupon, I settled on one of the Rowenta models and merrily headed home.

Speed forward three days - the interview went great! Both the company and I felt good about the entire process, and two days later I was invited back for a second interview. And I am happy and proud to say - I landed the job! I start on St. Patrick's Day and I'm looking forward to the new experience and industry. There is of course a trial period - three months where the salary adjusts and before full benefits kick in. But to be honest, it's an honest to goodness job and I'm tickled to be back in the work force!

On to more good news....The Kissing Fish quilt is all pieced. The 201k did a wonderful job; me on the other had, I really need more experience with my points aligning correctly. That will come in time. I've since purchased a 1/4" foot that is compatible with all of my old Singers, and I tested it out on the 201k and then the 15-91. The 15-91 needed a presser bar alignment, but after that...PRESTO! The best 1/4" seams I've ever stitched...on both machines.

Speaking of the 15-91...Hercules is completed. Yes, I named the machine Hercules, because quite honestly, this machine is a total brutish beast! It has so much power and speed that I can truthfully say that if I ever stitch my finger together, it will be with the 15-91! I will dedicate a post to the restoration of Hercules and he will be quilting the Kissing Fish.

I sold two of my Featherweights about two weeks ago and the majority of the proceeds will go towards tomorrow's Sewing & Quilting Expo here in Atlanta. Now I can spend a few dollars and not feel guilty. I did, however, already acquire another machine. Actually, Michel found it and encouraged me to purchase it; he's such a wonderful enabler! I now have a 1950 Singer 201-2 in my herd.

1950 Singer 201-2
This little (okay, heavy) beauty begged to come home. She was sitting in a Western Electric bentwood case with a few bobbins, screwdriver and original manual. Note the metal foot controller - I'll replace that with something different. I've never been a fan of the metal controllers. They are neat to have as original equipment, but I prefer the bakelite controllers. And yes, to answer the question before it is asked...I am looking for a Western Electric machine for that case!

I also found this and want to duplicate it.
Clown Quilt
It looks like a fun project and would a great gift for any one of my nieces or nephews. Or maybe even me!

I'll post my goodies from the Expo - I need to make my list before bedtime.  Until tomorrow - cheers!