Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just in Time for Winter

In addition to sewing, some of my other hobbies include spinning (natural fibers into yarn, NOT the exercise craze) and knitting. About two years ago I started a pair of fingerless gloves, made from some store-bought hand-spun Alpaca. I finished the right-hand glove rather quickly, began the left-hand glove and promptly lost the pattern. Seriously. So, I packed away the yarn and the unfinished project into the bowels of the craft closet never to be seen again. Or so I thought.

While I was cleaning the craft room last week, low and behold, guess what turned up? You guessed it - that Fingerless Gloves pattern. Great, I thought, now I have to dig through and clean up the other closet. Heavy sigh. Cleaning and organizing just isn't my thing. It was my mom's. My sisters both inherited it; but it totally skipped me. Well, I tackled the closet, because I knew that one glove and yarn was in there some where. A few hours, and a few discoveries later (when did I buy that fabric???), I found the ZipLoc bag with the one glove, the yearn and the started, but God knows which row I was on, other glove.

I ripped out the unfinished glove. Trying to figure out where I left off was a task that requires the patience of Job. I have no patience; okay, very little patience. I'm happily knitting along - cuff is done, thumb gusset is done, just about to start the fingers. Damn! I'm repeating the right-hand glove, instead of reversing it for the left-hand glove. Ripped it out again. (Insert VERY sad face.)

The third time 'round must have been charmed, because I finished the glove in record time for me. And now, without further ado....

Now I'm hoping for really cold weather again, so I can test them out. The store-bought Alpaca socks I have really keep my feet warm. I'm hoping the gloves will do the same for my hands. I always have cold hands and feet; drinking too much ice-water, I suppose.

Next on the craft table are these....probably the 1970s boxers instead of the 1940s version.

Though, Michel did say he would wear either pair. I may just get adventurous and sew both.

Till next time!

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quiltfool said...

Just finished a pair of fingerless gloves for partner. He loves them. I made a pair for me with the fingers in and I love them, too. Fortunately, my pattern was the same for both right and left hands. Be well. Lane