Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Bright Spot to the Day

On the way home from the grocery store yesterday, I passed a young girl who was selling lemonade from her front yard 'stand'. I gave a cursory glance, smiled and drove on by. About three blocks down the road, I turned around. In fact, I turned around in a church parking lot - the same church were I always see some of the most uplifting Bible quotes and verses on a placard out front (they are always filled with Hope, never Fire & Brimstone). I turned the car around, and went back to the young girl's lemonade stand, and bought a lemonade. I don't know why, but I did. She was maybe 12 or 13 and the most polite young lady I've met in a while. I felt good afterwards and the lemonade was freshly squeezed and quite delicious! I thanked her and went home and charged through a clarinet lesson, beaming from the inside out.

I've been in a great mood since; I woke up on time and in a good mood. If she's there again today on my way home, I'll stop and buy another lemonade; and as long as she's out voluntarily working in the late afternoon heat, and still smiling about it, I'll crack open my penny jar to support her enterprise. I don't know if my single dollar made any difference to her, but that young lady certainly made a difference in my day, or better yet, in my week. Young people such as her remind me that not all is lost in America.

So, if you see a kid with lemonade stand - my advice to you: don't drive on by, but rather stop. It could just be what you 'really' thirst for. 

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