Thursday, July 25, 2013

I have a blog??

Yes, yes, I'm still alive and I'm still 'here'. I haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth or cocooned away to some cubby hole in the darkest corners of the universe. The simple fact is that I generally only write when I'm inspired, troubled and sorting through things, or really enthusiastic about sharing my hobbies. I have been busy with the hobbies since my last post.

Since my last posting, finished projects include: a Halloween costume; a Singer Featherweight (two of them); a few more vintage Singers; a Gingerbread house or three; a quilt; planning this year's costume for Halloween; planning the next quilt and planning this year's Gingerbread!  Oh, and throw in a trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon for a week. And did I mentioned I acquired an embroidery machine and have taken that up? Good grief, I need more hours in a day! AND, I'm exhausted thinking about it! The very positive side: it keeps me out of the fridge and I don't snack out of boredom!

Also in the midst of all of my creative fun, I've picked up a war/strategy game on my iPad. Some days, it takes up entirely too much of my time. But I have 'met' some very nice people from the game. One such friend, even though on the other side of the planet, has been a positive force of enthusiasm and support for my hobbies and creativeness. I will refer to her here by her screen name of Aphrodite going forward. And her screen name is appropriate - she is both beautiful inside and outside. And it is due to her encouragement that I am picking up this blog again and I intend on posting as each new project is completed - whether it be sewing, quilting, embroidery, or a machine restoration. This keeps me writing and it allows me to share with her the fruits of my creative passion.

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Michelle said...

Hi! Glad to see you posting again, and look forward to reading more about your adventures!