Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still breathing...

Though I haven't written in a while, I am still around. I've mostly been trying to keep myself preoccupied with various projects so as not to worry about the twins all the time. It seems as though that may be a task in futility.

The twins themselves seem to be staying out of trouble, but the rest of that household is in pure chaos. My 20-year old adopted brother, who still lives at home, has 'knocked-up' his girlfriend. In and of itself, not the end of the world...until you find out that the girlfriend is only 13!!! OK. FIRST, my brother knows better. Period. No debating that one. SECOND, what parent in their right mind allows their 13 year-old daughter to a) date, b) date someone 20 years old, and c) be alone with said 20 year-old?????? Now my brother is in jail for statutory rape, the girl is 13 and pregnant (not a t.v. show I want to see) - and who will suffer the most? The innocent, unborn child who has no say so in his/her life. Please God, allow the child to be born healthy and safely, and to be adopted by loving parents.

Now on to a positive note, the twins are working harder in school. I think both of them realize what better lives they would have outside of their current home, and hopefully they are learning that education is part of it. Having spent time with my sisters this summer, and being back in communication with me, they are seeing that life can be so much more than what the have; not just materialistically, but better in every sense of the world. And I know that doesn't necessarily mean better with me, but with anyone who actually cares and puts the boys best interests to the front of the line. I really hope they are allowed to spend Thanksgiving with us (Mom's adult kids). I think the more time they spend with us, especially at big holidays, they will see that families can be loving and functional. From my lips, to God's ears.

On the "Things that keep me Sane" front - I'm working on a few new shirts. Trying to test fit patterns, before I go head-first into sewing too many that don't fit properly. You'd be surprised at how mind-calming sewing can be, even when you stick yourself for the one-hundredth time with a pin! The quilt top is finished, and sandwiched. I can't decide how I want to quilt it - so it has been moved to the "thinking" pile. (That pile never seems to shrink.)

I recently added an embroidery machine to my "herd". I bought it used and have already made a few "gifts" with it. Christmas presents should be easy decisions this year! And with this new machine, I have decided that my machines are breeding. But I did sell one of my vintage machines - a Singer Slant 301. It was (is) a great machine, but needed a new home as I haven't used it in over a year and it needs to be used by someone who loves and appreciates it. I learned that its new owner will use it to teach her grandchildren how to sew, including her grandson. Since my Nana taught me to sew, I thought this would be a perfect use for this machine. And of course, wouldn't you know it....one machine left the house, and then I found another one, for less than a tank of gas less than a week's worth of lunch at Subway. It's another Singer 99 portable, but this one is from 1926 and was complete. It'll need a complete overhaul, with wiring, etc. I'll try and do a better job of chronicling that one.

Until the next post, Peace with you all.

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