Friday, July 27, 2012

Progressing on some UFO's

The Singer 99k is finished; I just need to photograph the results. She sews really well with the electric motor, and I didn't get electrocuted! (happy dance, happy dance)  That makes one UFO (Unfinished Finished Object) completed. Too many more to go.

I finally got around to picking up the pieces of my "bachelor quilt" and have made great strides in its progress. These are the three main fabrics I'm using in it and I'm much further along than this picture shows. I'm in the final assembly stage of the third set of blocks. This quilt will definitely be a keeper.
The quilt fabrics
Today, I decided to do some baking in anticipation for the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight. Nope, these aren't for me; they are for a party this evening. These would definitely catapult me off the wagon! But no worries, I made a low-fat/low-calorie batch without the excess sugar, so all is good and I'm still making healthy choices.

The Gingerbread Athlete is about 2 feet long.

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